PVC Pipes & Fittings


Products we have:
  • UPVC pipes in the size range 20mm to 630mm in pressure ratings up to 20bars as per ISO, DIN, EN, BS, and SABS standards.
  • UPVC pressure fittings, solvent socket type and rubber ring socket type in pressure ratings of up to 16 bar
  • uPVC non-pressure drainage fittings for use in drainage and SWR applications

Application Areas::
  • Water Mains and Reticulation Systems,
  • Plumbing Systems for hot and cold water
  • Telecommunication systems for optical fiber cable network
  • Water Mains and Reticulation Systems,
  • Sewerage and Drainage Networks,
  • Building and Construction Industry,
  • Mining Industry,
  • Agriculture,
  • Gas Distribution Systems,